How to Prevent Apartment Break Ins

How to Prevent Apartment Break InsNew York is among the top cities where home burglary often happens. According to a 2013 report of, New York is the city with the 3rd highest number of home theft occurrences and 1st among those where property theft happens. And apartments are often the first targets of thieves compared to single-detached homes.

Having a renter’s insurance will give you that sense of security that whatever happens, you can get financial assistance to replace your possessions. But here are other things you can do to add to that security and prevent your apartment from being broken into.

Understand burglars

Police reports show that burglars are often looking for small things they can exchange for cash fast. So small but expensive items like mobile phones, laptops, digital cameras, and jewelry are what they commonly want. They also look for apartments that are accessible and have other easy exit routes.

Keep windows and doors locked

Among the 2 million reported burglaries in the US, 30% of the burglars got in because of open doors and windows. So get a high-quality doorknob and lock, most especially for your sliding doors, and install heavy-duty or tight-fitting latches on your windows. Even if you’ll just go out of your apartment for a few minutes, as long as you’re leaving your place, lock all possible entry points. This makes your home more unattractive to burglars.

Keep your keys with you

Another way to deter burglars is to keep your keys in unusual hiding place or better, with you all the time. Burglars may sometimes observe the residents first and might see where you keep your keys so leaving it hidden anywhere near your apartment shouldn’t be an option at all.

Install motion sensing lights and alarm systems

Motion sensing lights will add to your security when sleeping at night. Having them activated at night outside of your doors will discourage burglars from going near your home. While alarm systems will keep your home safe on both day and night and whether you’re there or not.

When you have all these, your apartment will be a much safer place for you and your possessions. And you can live a more peaceful life every day.

Securing what we have might take a bit of tweaking but it will be worth it. So even if you have renter’s insurance, do what you can to protect your investments.

On the other hand, if want to know how to get renter’s insurance in New Rochelle, Scardsdale or White Plains, NY, you can contact Tom Bruenn, your local insurance agent via phone or email.

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